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9 Kids Rolling Backpacks for 2018 – The Complete List

 Kids Rolling Backpacks

Rolling backpack is a kind of backpack that is very popular among many kids these days. A lot of kids do not like the weight on their back of carrying books, computers and the other things they need for school.

This has made a rolling backpack a very important back to school item. But if you are considering a rolling backpack for a child, first be sure you understand the particular need of kids when it comes to the design of their backpack.

Anyone who has a primary school child should know that what is hot trendy with the little school beginners now are Frozen design backpacks, like the Snow Queen Elsa backpack, Minion backpacks and Star Wars school bags.

And next to it always the classics; Dinosaurs, horses, cars, glittering flowers and what your heart desires. Another important thing is to know if your child’s school allows it.

Some schools have banned such bags, either because of the risk of tripping hazards in crowded hallways, or because they may not allow backpacks to be taken into the classroom.

Even if the school does allow rolling backpacks, you may want to double-check that the backpack will fit in your child’s locker if he or she needs to store it.

Also, keep in mind that even a rolling backpack needs to be lifted occasionally, such as when boarding a bus, so padded straps are still very much necessary.

With these in mind, let us look at the selections that are our top choice.

1. Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage.

Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage

This adorable and bright bag is the best rolling backpack for toddlers and preschoolers. It features a durable and expandable handle that can easily be stored when they are not rolling it.

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