The 8 Best Duffel Bags to Buy in 2018 For Men

Best Duffel Bags to Buy in 2017 For Men

Traveling during the weekends, or any other time for that matter, is every man’s thing, especially businessmen.

However, one of the things about traveling during weekends or making a short business trip for men is luggage carrying. You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing luggage for business travel.

A lot of business travelers choose a rolling carry-on bag. While carry-on bags offer easy mobility through the airport, a duffel bag allows you to pack efficiently, move quickly, and maintain a professional appearance throughout your trip. After all, the duffel bag was designed for short-term travel like short business trips and weekend trips.

Duffel bags were designed for business travelers and it helps you maintain a professional appearance with a design that resembles a briefcase.

For instance, if you are going directly from the airport to an important meeting with investors or you need to go head on for a presentation, then a duffel bag allows you to quickly breeze into the conference room and get to work without leaving a trail of sidewalk water from the street behind you.

I know that old habits are hard to come out of, but do not write off a duffel bag just because you assume you can breeze through airports faster with a rolling carry-on bag.

You can actually move faster while holding a duffel bag because you can meander because crowds, walk briskly up the stairs, and run if necessary to catch a flight.

If you just cannot get yourself to carrying your luggage by the hand, there are also rolling duffel bags that give you the freedom to roll your bag when you are not pressed for time with a size that can fit into an overhead storage bin if needed.

With that out of the way, let us look at some highly recommended buffel bags for your consideration.

1. Eagle Creek No Matter What.

Eagle Creek No Matter What
The style and design of the No Matter What duffel bag is state of the art compared to other bags like it in the market. Being extremely lightweight is the top comfort feature of the Eagle Creek No Matter What duffel bag.

The material provides protection for delicate packed items, but not at the expense of carrying a bulky, heavily padded bag.

Another good feature of the duffel is its comfortable padded shoulder straps and compression straps which help distribute the weight of the pack. Beyond the comfort security is guaranteed.

No Matter What duffel bag owners can feel secure knowing that their belongings are safe, because the duffel bag is equipped with lockable zippers.


2. Herschel Novel Duffel.

Herschel Novel Duffel
First of all, the duffel bag is very convenient and this is due to its compactness.

It is designed for simple travel with all your wears packed in one single bag, and these characteristics are essential to the specificity of the usage because without wasting time, you can pack all the necessaries on the go.

The Herschel Novel Duffel Bag is a reliable, versatile and affordable product that exceeds your expectations. A good duffel bag must, of course, allows easy access.

A simple but durable design to last you a lifetime.


3. Scull Escape Duffel.

 Scull Escape Duffel
This duffel bag is unique as it comes with a bottom compartment. This enables you to split your luggage into compartments.

You can separate the shoes from the clothing. I always used to have this issue of re sending some of my clothes to laundry each time I travel due to stains from my shoes. But the Scull escape duffel has solved that problem.


4. Fossil Men’s Estate Leather Framed Duffel.

Fossil Men’s Estate Leather Framed Duffel
If you want quality and recognition, then you should consider going for the Fossil’s Estate Framed Duffel.

The Estate Framed Duffel by Fossil is a genuine leather duffel bag made from extremely high quality leather known for its softness and ability to look good over time as it gets aged (reminds me of French wines).

It has comfortable rolled top handles and an adjustable and removable strap. The interior includes one zipper pocket and three slip pockets. Of course, every guy needs a bag that will last for years and look good doing it.

Estate’s distinguished design focuses on heritage fabrics and custom hardware, making it perfect for work to weekend.

The bag is fully backed by Fossil and covers one year limited warranty which covers defects in material or workmanship up to one year from date of purchase.


5. Plambag Canvas Duffel Bag.

Plambag Canvas Duffel Bag
If you are planning a long weekend journey, then you might as well go for this duffel bag. It is a stylish-looking bag that is also functional and affordable.

It is made of cotton canvas material that comes in grey, coffee, army green or dark grey, and it also features classic, attractive zipper pulls.

You can wear it on your shoulder or leave the strap and carry it like a tote. There are three layers of lining, rubber grips on the bottom, and plenty of pockets.

When fully expanded, it measures about 24.4 x 9.8 x 11.8 inches otherwise it is 20.8 inches long – a great size for a long trip.


6. Tumi Double Expansion Travel Satchel Duffel.

Tumi Double Expansion Travel Satchel Duffel

Tumi elevates your travel experience with the Double Expansion Duffel, the pinnacle of their design innovation, engineering, functionality and performance.

This exceptional strong travel satchel, made from Tumi’s signature FXT ballistic nylon, offers an impressive 13″ of expanded depth to maximize your packing capacity when you need it most.

A generous front pocket allows you quick and easy access to key essentials on the go. It is the one to grab for long weekends.


7. Frye Logan Leather Overnight Bag.

Frye Logan Leather Overnight Bag
The Frye Logan Leather Overnight Bag is really made of a top notch leather quality which is the standout on this purchase.

The rustic look will truly age well over the years. In addition, this bag meets most airline carry-on size requirements.

And travel is so much easier when you do not have to check your bag.



8. Leathario Mens Genuine Leather Overnight Duffel.

Leathario Mens Genuine Leather Overnight Duffel
The Leathario duffel features a unique and eye-catching retro design.

This bag is a good choice if you want a high quality leather bag that will stand the test of time and offer several functions.

The bag is designed for business trips and weekend travelings and it is made with Eco-friendly, vegetable-tanned leather.

While the bag is made from genuine leather, you will notice a glossy surface at first due to the treatment. The bag has Dacron lining with a smooth brass zipper that will not get stuck.

The size is perfect for holding a weekend of clothing with a laptop up to 14″. Leathario backs the weekender bag with a lifetime warranty.

Traveling has never been this easier with a Duffel Bag.


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